Lot of Five White Summer Necklaces

$4.00 USD


Product Description

Five white beaded necklaces are offered, varying lengths. An inexpensive way to brighten your wardrobe in the hot days of summer or put away until you take your winter cruise. Each in good condition ready to wear.Please contact me with any questions.

Lot of Five White Summer Necklaces


I live on a small farm in buclic Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my husband, Frank, and our yellow lab, Bubba. I love to travel and have been to Paris in June with my grandson as a graduation present for him. I just got back from Tampa where my dragonboat team paddled in the Pan-American games. I make my own jewelry, embroidered hankies, doilies, pillows, love crazy quilting, and am a shameless collector of vintage ephemera at all garage sales, flea markets and estate sales.