McCall's Dessert Discoveries. 1974

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McCall's Dessert Discoveries.. The crowning touch to any meal, the most important course of all according to man and boy , is the dessert. sophisticated souffles, meringues, roll up cakes, fruit fritters, cobblers, parfaits, shortcakes. Good condition-no loose,damaged or missing pages. 64 pages

McCall's Dessert Discoveries. 1974


I live on a small farm in buclic Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my husband, Frank, and our yellow lab, Bubba. I love to travel and have been to Paris in June with my grandson as a graduation present for him. I just got back from Tampa where my dragonboat team paddled in the Pan-American games. I make my own jewelry, embroidered hankies, doilies, pillows, love crazy quilting, and am a shameless collector of vintage ephemera at all garage sales, flea markets and estate sales.